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Peter BegleyPeter Begley, Director
Director of Operations and Finance at Pioneer Institute, and professional photographer
Peter is currently Director of Operations and Finance at Pioneer Institute where he has successfully streamlined many aspects of the organization, manages a $1.5M budget, and routinely reduces costs by 15-20% without decreasing the organization's output. Peter also serves as Pioneer's Clerk and Assistant Treasurer. Prior to joining Pioneer, Peter worked as a project manager for Worth Ethic Corporation, an executive consulting firm, as a freelance full-charge bookkeeper for several clients, and as the General Manager for Lumière Imaging, a California-based photography company he founded in 1999. Peter has a B.A. in Photography from Brooks Institute and an M.B.A. in General Management from Cal Poly.


Zlata FilipovicZlata Filipovic, Director
Author, Activist, and Film Documentarian
Zlata became renowned internationally when her teenage diary, published in 1993 and chronicling life in war-torn Sarajevo, was an instant bestseller. Zlata’s Diary has since been translated into thirty-six languages. Zlata’s written works include contributions to several books and newspapers, including a foreword for The Freedom Writers Diary (Doubleday, 1997), the English translation of Milosevic: The People's Tyrant (Tauris, 2004), a foreword to the Prentice Hall Literature, The Penguin Edition: Grade 6 (Prentice Hall, 2007). Her most recent book is 'Stolen Voices: Young People's War Diaries 1914-2004' (Viking Penguin, 2007).

Zlata has been involved with Peace in Focus since its inception in 2006, when she attended an international symposium on conflict resolution in Prague with Co-Founders Kate and Kyle. Zlata has recently worked within the UN Children in Armed Conflict Division in New York under Olara Otunnu. Zlata holds a BSc. in Human Sciences from Oxford University and MPhil in International Peace Studies from Trinity College Dublin. She has spoken extensively at schools and universities around the world about her experiences and has collaborated with organizations such as the Anne Frank House, UN and UNICEF, and is a three-time member of UNESCO Jury for Children's and Young People's Literature Prize for Tolerance. Additionally, Zlata sits on the Executive Committee of Amnesty International Irish Section, the board of Voice of Slavery, and is working on a documentary film in Ireland, where she now lives.


Kendra LaraKendra Lara, Director
Youth Organizer, and college student
Born in the Bronx to Dominican parents and raised both in the US and the Dominican Republic, Kendra has been actively engaged since a young age in issues of social justice, community organizing, and youth empowerment. Currently a student at St. Johns University, Kendra has worked as a trainer and program coordinator with Peace in Focus since 2008. Kendra is a certified mediator, has testified before Boston’s City Council, and has worked at Hyde Square Task Force and Beantown Society in Boston on issues ranging from voter outreach and registration, civics curriculum in public schools, urban and gang violence, discrimination, and city funding for summer youth jobs.


Thaddeus MilesThaddeus Miles, Board President
Director of Public Safety at Mass Housing, Executive Director of MassIMPACT, and Photographer
Mr. Miles is responsible for designing and implementing crime prevention strategies affecting several thousand housing units throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He designs such strategies to directly engage residents in addressing quality of life issues. Building on his success, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development invited Mr. Miles to start up a consortium of all of its New England Neighborhood Network Centers. This consortium, entitled MassIMPACT, for which Mr. Miles serves as Executive Director, concentrates its energies on Improving Peoples' Access to Computers and Technology. MassIMPACT has a special focus on Digital Media technology, including Digital Storytelling, as a means of providing communities the opportunity to capture and share their stories and experiences through technology.

When he is not fighting crime, working with residents, or operating his business, Mr. Miles is working with our youth and mentoring tomorrow's leaders. He sits on the board of directors of a number of non-profit, community-based organizations in Boston, Lowell (MA), and Virginia Beach; and is the recipient of numerous community, business, and military commendations and awards. Mostly, he enjoys spending time with his son, Laquan, and pursuing his passion for photography.

To see more, visit Mr. Miles website:


Sherman TeichmanSherman Teichman, Director
Director, Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University
Sherman and the Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) have been instrumental in providing support and guidance to Peace in Focus. Kyle and Sherman collaborate on a number of initiatives, including partnership between Peace in Focus and EXPOSURE, (IGL’s photojournalism, documentary studies, and human rights initiative), involvement with the Clinton Global Initiative, and joint participation in the Visible Rights consortium, part of Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University.

Sherman Teichman is the inaugural Director of the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University, which was founded in 1986 with the mission of preparing new generations of critical thinkers for effective and ethical leadership, ready to act as global citizens in addressing international and national issues across cultures. A lecturer in the arts and social sciences at Tufts since 1984, Mr. Teichman was a former fellow and lecturer at the Institute of Politics, the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and a faculty member at Boston University and Emerson College. Teichman is an award-winning NPR journalist, advisor on national security, Olympic saber fencer, and human rights advocate. He was educated at the United States Naval Academy, The Johns Hopkins University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Chicago's Committees on International Relations and Social Thought.


Dr. Robert J. ThomasDr. Robert J. Thomas, Director
Executive Director, Accenture Institute for High Performance and John R. Galvin Professor of Leadership at the Fletcher School at Tufts University
Dr. Thomas writes, teaches, and consults about leadership and transformational change. Thomas leads the Accenture Institute for High Performance, Accenture’s global “think and act tank” with professional researchers based around the world. The Institute provides Accenture with original research and actionable insights on the global political economy and on the latest developments in business practice. In his role as a professor at Tuft University’s Fletcher School, Thomas teaches courses on the personal and organizational dimensions of leadership to mid-career executives from all over the world and from business, government, the armed forces and NGOs. He also maintains his affiliation to MIT through his participation in the Sloan Fellows, the Leaders for Manufacturing, and the Greater Boston Executive programs.

His newest book, Driving Results Through Social Networks, which he co-authored with Rob Cross, is the first management book that applies network theory to leadership and organizational performance. His earlier books include Crucibles of Leadership: How to Learn from Experience to Be a Great Leader, Geeks and Geezers: How Era, Values, and Defining Moments Shape Leaders, and What Machines Can’t Do: Politics and Technology in the Industrial Enterprise. Bob has been a featured speaker at corporate and NGO events worldwide and has also published articles on leadership and change in the Harvard Business Review, Harvard Management Update, the Wall Street Journal and An Eagle Scout whose upbringing in Central California left him with a lifelong passion for fast cars and fresh vegetables, he lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, with his wife Rosanna, chair of the Women’s Studies Department at Wellesley College, and their daughter, Alyssa.


Alicia CarlsonAlicia Carlson
Television Director / Photographer
Alicia's love for photography began while growing up in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Living in a rural area provided an opportunity to photograph a constantly changing landscape and variety of wildlife. While living there, she also mentored teens through a non-profit organization called Youth to Youth. Alicia combined interests in photography, social service, and storytelling by earning a B.S. in broadcast journalism from Emerson College. She currently works as a television director for a local news station, freelances as a food and event photographer, and volunteers with Big Sisters of Greater Boston. Alicia joined Peace in Focus in 2009, and advises the organization's public relations efforts. You can see Alicia's photography work at


“For it isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt