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Intended Impact
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Intended Impact
We have shaped our program to impact individual participants, their communities, and peace writ large.

How do we strive for individual and social change?
Peace in Focus collaborates with local organizations to design, organize, and conduct intensive 2-3 week photography and leadership training workshops to 15-20 teenagers. This collaboration reinforces the community's capacity to develop and sustain innovative solutions to local challenges.

The workshops culminate in community-driven photography exhibits, which give participants a chance to showcase their art, share their experiences, and communicate a vision for social change through words and images. These exhibits engage participants’ families and communities in bridging divides and promoting peaceful coexistence. In addition, the exhibits contribute to the creation of an organic social history, helping to overcome socio-economic, cultural, and linguistic barriers in favor of community cohesion.

Upon completion of the workshop and exhibit, our local partner organizations keep the training materials and photography equipment for future outreach activities. The participating community then becomes part of our global network of youth development workers engaged in a creative and proactive dialogue for peace.

What do we hope to achieve?
As a result of attending our workshops, participants begin to recognize their similarities and develop meaningful and healthy relationships across cultural divides. Peace in Focus provides youth with a platform to increase their knowledge about other cultures and other perspectives on sensitive and pressing issues.

Given the importance of images in shaping perspectives on key local and international issues, Peace in Focus emphasizes visual literacy through photography training. Participants begin to understand the power of the media, the importance of being aware of our own biases, and the power of our words and actions. We encourage participants to use photography not only to share their stories, but also to advocate for social change.

Our activities are designed to develop communication and critical thinking skills, thereby enabling youth to become more effective and active as young leaders in their communities.

Our workshops are founded on the principles and teachings of non-violence. Infused in our curriculum are activities that facilitate discussion and learning in dispute resolution, mediation, and creative problem solving. Youth engage in simulations and role play activities that increase their understanding of complex global issues and illustrate the importance of developing peaceful solutions to the challenges they face in their communities.

As a result of attending our workshops, youth acquire transferable skills, including basic photography, which enable program sustainability and create opportunities to generate income.

Our participants’ stories and photos are disseminated widely through exhibits, our website, and local and international media in order to raise awareness and engage communities and policymakers in a dialogue for peace inspired by youth.

Peace in Focus facilitates inter-cultural exchange and commitment to a global network by sharing artwork and stories among international groups. We seek to organize international photography exhibitions, conferences, and online forums to promote dialogue and advance grassroots peace photojournalism.