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Statement of Need
Peace in Focus believes that visual literacy and visual inclusion are essential cultural and social rights. Unfortunately, many groups around the world are systematically excluded from the production of their own image. This is perhaps most pronounced among young people. As the number of conflict images in the media continues to grow, the need for an inclusive visual discourse becomes apparent. In this light, we tailor our photography and leadership workshops to encourage young participants to think globally and act locally to defend human rights, social justice, and non-violence in their communities. As a result, youth begin to transform themselves as subjects to creators and visual spokespersons of their own reality and history.

This innovative approach to promoting tolerance, cooperation, and self-expression challenges the global trends of exclusion and discord. Peace in Focus belongs to and supports a growing network that links young leaders collectively working for positive change. We are committed to enabling youth to break down social divisions by providing creative leadership training, encouraging healthy relationships, and coordinating resources that support youth peace initiatives.