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Our 2-3 week intensive workshops employ a curriculum that combines photography education with leadership training in dispute resolution, social networking, mediation, negotiation, critical thinking, collaborative decision-making, creative problem solving, and active listening and speaking. Participants use art to better understand themselves, capture commonalities with others, learn strategies to re-frame perceptions, discuss social change, and begin to craft and communicate their personal and joint visions for peace through images, storytelling, and community photography exhibits.

Our workshops provide a safe space for youth to explore the dynamics that shape their lives. By incorporating the practical and theoretical study of symbolic photography concepts, such as composition, framing, exposure, and perspective, our workshops encourage creativity and interpersonal skills that enable youth to better understand each other and the contour of their community. Participants engage in practical exercises and learn the power of collaboration, communication, and healthy relationships by getting to know "the other" in their own society. The idea of using photography and leadership training to build relationships and peace is powerful, especially given the prevalence of violent, divisive, and non-indigenous depictions in the media and a general lack of artistic outlets in the places where we intend to work.

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