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Online Resources
There is a growing body of literature and research on reconciliation and development through Culture and the Arts. Below are a several important and compelling documents:

-Cobb, S. (2003). Fostering coexistence in identity-based conflicts: Toward a narrative approach.

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-Taylor, P. (2003). Applied Theatre: Creating Transformative Encounters in the Community. Heinemann Drama.

Online readings:
-Assaf, A., Korza, P. & Schaffer-Bacon, B.
INROADS: The Intersection of Art & Civic Dialogue. Community Arts Network (2002).

-Cleveland, W.
Making Exact Change: How U.S. Arts-Based Programs Have Made A Significant and Sustained Impact on Their Communities, Art in the Public Interest. Community Arts Network (2005).
Mapping the field: Arts-based community development. Community Arts Network (2002).

-Cohen. Cynthia E.
A Poetics of Reconciliation: The Aesthetic Mediation of Conflict. (1997). [ PDF ]
Creative Approaches to Reconciliation. (2003). [ PDF ]

-Cohen-Cruz, J.
An Introduction to Community Art and Activism. Community Arts Network (2002).

-Legacy Project (2008)

-Marlin-Curiel, S. and Cohen, C.
Recasting reconciliation through culture and the arts. First institute: November 9-16, 2003. Retrieved (2008). [ PDF ]

-Slachmuijlder, L.
The Rhythm of Reconciliation: A reflection on drumming as a contribution to reconciliation processes in Burundi and South Africa. A working paper of Recasting Reconciliation through Culture and the Arts. (2005). [ PDF ]

-Zelizer, Craig.
The Role of Artistic Processes in Peacebuilding in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Peace and Conflict Studies. 10, #2, 62-75 (2003). [ PDF ]